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"Taming the Unpredictable"

Real World Adaptive Case Management: Case Studies and Practical Guidance

The core element of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the support for real-time decision-making by knowledge workers.
Taming the Unpredictable presents the logical starting point for understanding how to take advantage of ACM. This book goes beyond talking about concepts, and delivers actionable advice for embarking on your own journey of ACM-driven transformation.
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  • * ACM is about moving away from the process control of the 20th Century and toward the process innovation of the 21st Century. This book shows that those businesses using these new methods are thriving while those who aren't, well they aren't doing so well. -- Jim Farris, USA 

    * Consider the immense benefits of being able to connect all of the elements of your work and your resources in a way that represents the reality of how you experience the world rather than a representation of how your desktop today presents the world to you, in myriad disconnected pieces; broken chains of conversations, information and process.--Thomas Koulopoulos, Chairman Delphi Group 

    * This (book) helps you understand the differences between case management and conventional BPM and shows you what to look for in a BPM solution to truly support case management. --Bruce Silver, Bruce Silver Associates, USA 

    * I’m glad I read this book and recommend it to others who want to know where BPM is going. The subject is cutting edge, and it will only become more important as companies become more service-oriented and build more complex processes which they try to manage with BPMS applications. The authors whose articles appear here are working close to the edge of what can be done and report their current thinking on what is possible, or what might be possible soon. -- Paul Harmon, BPTrends

About Taming the Unpredictable
Highly predictable work is easy to support using traditional programming techniques, while unpredictable work cannot be accurately scripted in advance, and so requires the involvement of the workers themselves. Aiding knowledge workers, enabling real productivity gains, would logically come from both automating repetitive work where possible, while facilitating the less predictable, more dynamic work modes requiring the flexibility to be defined according the circumstances and context of a given moment in time.
Adaptive Case Management (ACM) assists the knowledge worker to apply know-how and make decisions. One core adaptable quality of ACM is support for goal-seeking and goal-driven processes, where goals can be modified “in flight” by the knowledge worker. Similarly, knowledge captured during the performance of the case can support the identification and creation of new processes or case rules, without requiring IT/developer involvement.

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